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Hello Gurls! I hope you are doing well. This is My new Blog which I have recently started So, Please support and do follow for all the latest updates. I hope you will find something interesting over here.Please do share, comment and like. Have funThank you,Ruma.

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Some Plans for you

Hello Sissy little Gurls! I am sorry I took long hope you have not missed me too much!! Todays I had an idea of bringing something for you my little gurls. After lot of thinking and finding sources I have Came up with an idea to a problem of every sissy. That is CLOTHES AND... Continue Reading →

Sissy Task 03 – Flash your sissy side

Hello Sissy little Gurls! I hope you have not missed me too much!! Todays task will fun for you my dear sweet little sissy gurl. Every sissy should be wearing panties underneath your normal boy clothes regularly to remind themselves of their status. So today’s task is very simple, You need only a pair of... Continue Reading →

Sissy Task 02 – Bow time

Hello my lovely Sissy Gurls! Have taken the new year resolution of shaving your private parts? Are you keeping it nice and smooth? If not then its never too late Well if you are, I have a small task that will keep reminding you that you are a sissy for whole time. You will need... Continue Reading →

Sissy Task 01 – Ankle socks

Hello Gurls! I hope you are doing well. So, are you ready for some humiliation and which remind you of your status? On internet, almost all of the sites advise you to throw away your boring boy's underwear and replace them with Panties, now this is very important and I know it is very crucial... Continue Reading →

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